Engines for Power Generator

Full Diesel Line-up to Meet Any Need

For 80 years, the name of Komatsu has stood for quality and reliability in the manufacture of construction equipment and industrial machinery. Now, we have applied our expertise to the manufacture of top-of-the-line diesel engines.
Komatsu diesel engines have proven themselves in heavyduty machines on some of the toughest jobsites on earth, and have earned a reputation for outstanding performance, reliability and durability. Komatsu's integrated production system-covering R&D, casting, machining, assembling and testing-ensures that we build quality into every diesel engine that comes off our production lines.


Reliability and Durability

Extra-strong ductile cast iron pistons (125, 140, 170 series engines) and specially treated cylinder liners ensure the highest reliability and durability.

Superb Operational Response, from the Get Go

Komatsu's engines, proven in use in Komatsu construction equipment, working under widely varying operating conditions around the world, feature superb startability and acceleration, as well as having an excellent operating response.

Reduced Emissions

Komatsu engines conform to Japanese, EC and U.S. EPA emission regulations for off-road engines.

Light Weight, Compact Design

Advanced technology ensures that Komatsu engines are light and compact, making them ideal for limited installation space.

High Output, Low Consumption of Fuel and Lube Oil

Cast iron pistons and high-pressure fuel injection systems result in high output, but low consumption of fuel and lube oil.

New Cooling System

The Air-to-Air aftercooled system in these engines delivers higher performance for the same displacement